Great Article from the Monterey County News

A fantastic article written by Mark C. Anderson from the Monterey County News.

Esalen founder Michael Murphy’s Golf in the Kingdom is finally made into a movie.

By Mark C. Anderson

Something extraordinary happened in 1972. As the wind whipped Jack Nicklaus’ golden hair – and the field’s nerves – into a tangle, he calmly crushed an audacious one-iron from the second-to-last tee of Pebble’s Beach first-ever U.S. Open.

Just 50 yards away at The Beach and Tennis Club, blocked from viewing the 17th tee, Esalen co-founder and Salinas native Michael Murphy tracked the swing on TV until the ball sizzled into his field of view, drilled the flagstick on a hop, and settled inches from the cup.

In that, Murphy saw something he had been studying for years, and has continued to study exhaustively: exemplary human performance.

“Certain golfers can translate the image of a complex shot – like a low and the rising fade I’ve seen Ben Hogan do – into the movement,” he says, “Hogan made himself a channel for the image of the shot he wants… like certain writers and poets, or improvising jazz musicians. They get going, and can only ask later, ‘Where did that come from?’

“It’s there in all sports, there in everyday life. If we open our lives to the possibility of the extraordinary, [our lives] can be bigger and richer.” Read full article »

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