Golf in the Kingdom World Premiere in NYC

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1.5 million copies sold, 40 years since publication and 40 years of options and scripts developed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the movie version of the best selling golf novel of all time, Golf In The Kingdom, is finally having its world premiere.

Golf in the Kingdom was produced in the true tradition of the independent film…100% financed by private investors on a shoe-string budget and selfdistributed… a labour of love and good will, patience and perseverance by the creative talent on both sides of the camera.

Michael Murphy’s (co-founder of Esalen Institute) cult classic about golf and transformation drew a distinguished cast. David O’Hara plays the mysterious and enigmatic Scottish golf pro Shivas Irons and Mason Gamble plays the young American Michael Murphy, on his way to India in search of enlightenment.

Malcolm McDowell, Frances Fisher, Julian Sands, Joanne Whalley, Tony Curran and Jim Turner round out the illustrious cast. Susan Streitfeld wrote and directed with Mindy Affrime producing.

After successfully tackling their first book to film collaboration with Female Perversions, starring Tilda Swinton, Streitfeld and Affrime took on Golf in the Kingdom as their next challenge. “Daunting, ” says Streitfeld, “is the word to describe the thought of taking this fiercely loved book, a ‘bible’ to many golfers, and transforming it into a film.” “We promised Murphy that we would stay true to the core message of the book, and to his credit, he gave us free rein to explore,” adds Affrime. “He stayed involved throughout the entire process and I must say had a blast.”

The film was shot exclusively at the #1 rated golf resort in America, Bandon Dunes Golf Links on the majestic coast of Oregon. “It was the perfect environment to create the mystical golf links called Burningbush, it was real and surreal at the same time. Ordinary nature is compelling, awesome, and dramatic. One needs no special effects when such raw images are freely given,” says Streitfeld.

The movie opens in New York City, followed by Portland, Oregon and San Francisco one week later. The film will be released to select US cities throughout the Fall, 2011.

Golf in the Kingdom, the novel, is being re-released by Penguin books with a new forward and artwork in the end of June 2011 and Open Road Media is publishing the e-book, available on June 6, 2011. Golf Digest, a sponsor of the film has a 4 page advertorial in their August, 2011 magazine.

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